How is it possible to be effective in shopping without mastering the colours that enhance your face? Colorimetry is the essence of image consulting.

Knowing your colorimetry is a real asset when choosing your clothes on a daily basis. But also in the choice of hair colouring. And in the choice of make-up!


In a private space, or online* from a photo you send me.

*The portrait photo must be of good quality and taken in daylight. Long and/or voluminous hair must be pulled back and tied up.

Using the coloured fabrics, and what they mean to you as well, we analyse together the effect of the colours on your face. Which colours naturally make you look good, which ones give you the most presence, which ones strengthen or soften your image.

There is no question of putting you in a box.....4 seasons or 8 seasons......There are a multitude of colours and infinite possibilities of combinations.  So why deprive yourself?

Come and discover the colours and how they naturally enhance you!

A personalised colour chart will be sent to you by post. It includes advice on :

- Which colours to wear close to the face.

- Colours to wear in small touches

- Your basics

- Your dark colours

- The colorimetry of your make-up

- The colorimetry of your hairstyle

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